Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thank You to Our FirstGiving Donors!

All of us at Asperger Connection feel very blessed to have such generous supporters. Many thanks to the first few supporters of our online fundraiser, the $5 Facebook Campaign. Because of you, we are already on our way to meeting our goal for fundraising this summer. In just a few days, we've raised over $300! Wow!

We still have $1200 more fundraising dollars to drum up. If this week sets the tone, Asperger Connection will have raised enough by August 1st to see our mentoring program come to life! Imagine that!

No gift, no matter the size, goes unrecognized. Every gift matters to those children and adults who need funding for services in our community. The $5 Facebook Campaign has been set up so that small gifts can add up quickly. We are asking everyone to donate $5 online at Think about how you will spend $5 today -- you probably cannot even get lunch for $5 anymore. However, $5 would make the world of a difference to our organization. If enough people donate $5, we will be able to fund a year's worth of services to those with High Functioning Autism (HFA) and Asperger Syndrome (AS) right here in our community.

It's true, Dream Team--your enthusiam for this mission is contagious! Share YOUR story and your dream with your Facebook friends and your extended online family, and watch the benefit blossom!

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