Friday, August 7, 2009

The Little Professor Book Fair Has Been Extended!

Great news for back to school (and beyond)! Our friends at Little Professor Book Center and Cafe in Homewood have agreed to extend the Book Fair...indefinitely! We struggled to reach our goal for the 2-day event, and we ended up bringing in a little over $120 for the non-profit. Thank you to all of those who came out in support of this fundraiser! And thanks in advance for continuing to participate!!!

So that we can reach our goal of $1000, we're inviting friends of Asperger Connection to make all of your book purchases in the months to come at Little Professor Book Center. Remember to mention the book fair when checking out so that Asperger Connection can benefit from your purchase. 20% of your purchase amount will go towards programs like our job placement and mentoring programs.

Some of our readers may know that Little Professor has been one of our first supporters of our job placement program, proving jobs for adults and high school age children with AS. Asperger Connection is excited to have this on-going partnership with such a great local book store. And we're proud to have dedicated supporters like you. Thank you!

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